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The distillation industry has grown substantially from its humble roots starting with the ancient Greeks. Recopies showed ancient Greeks used sea salt along with boiling to create spirits. As the distilling industry changed and improved, chemists started to use bronze outlet tubes connected to large basins. The creation of alcohol through distilling was used as a ritual practice. Color was manipulated with sulpher, mercury, and other substances.

History of Distilling

The actual distilling process required substances to become vapor based on the temperatures. While the ancient Greeks relied on evaporative drinkingable water, other cultures learned the alcohol vapor would escape. If the wine was slowly heated in a vessel with a very small mouth covered by a bowl, the alcohol would collect condensed vapor within the bowl. Downward slanted tubes are connected to the bowl to allow for the condensation or vapor to go into a receiving vessel.

Distilling wine was not practiced for drinking as it was used for ceremonies. The alcohol was poured over the head of initiates as they used it to be in the presence of god during the ceremony. Other cults used this practice when they focused on doing some religious work. Missionaries often used this alcohol to perform a “baptism by fire.” When distillers started providing it to the public, some authorities began to be concerned pertaining to the public consumption of alcohol. While drinking the alcohol has been around for thousands of years, the first documented case of using spirits for illnesses and other health problems.

Commercial distilling grew into popularity during the 17th century, but was faces with large taxation and licensing concerns. The need to use spirits for religious needs and medical treatment become replaced by people drinking spirits for fun. Small craft distillers have started to create their own spirits they can enjoy at-home or with some close friends. Smaller craft distillers focus on creating a brew that is unlike everything you have ever tasted before. Quality is everything when it comes to creating clean alcohol. The creation of stainless steel products created large-scale distilling to occur. Large organizations can package beer in a variety of equipment from glass bottles to aluminum cans.

Different alcohols are created based on the area in which they reside. Some people use corn while others use agave to help create alcohol. In Japan, sake is created from rice. African beer normally uses corn to create a nice, local beer. The water used for brewing creates malt, which has a unique quality as it leaves a yeast strain on the top of the beer. A mixture of malt extracts will create porter, a strong, dark-colored hopped beer. This is the beer people often seen poured into large glass mugs in movies. Individuals wanting a less bitter taste with their beer will need to create pale ale. It is paler in color and is not as bitter or strong.

Purchasing the right distillation equipment will make a difference in the way you create spirits. StillDragon provides a number of still components and configurations to make distilling easier. Some people prefer a pot-belly kettle while others like the larger tanks to create effective alcohol. If you plan on serving the alcohol to anyone, you must have the right permits and certificates to serve alcohol.

The brewing process involves mashing, milling, malting, extract separation, and other things to bring about the best flavor in beer and alcohol. Modern maltings will be able to product malt in a few days. Trying out different equipment can help to provide a unique flavor of malt or beer to enjoy.

Which still is the best one for a general alcohol makers. The great thing about alcohol is that you can easily learn this skill. Anyone who can boil water will be able to distill. A smaller moonshine still is a great option to help a person receive the right information from a pot still.

The StillDragon Difference

At StillDragon, you can find the distillery equipment to help you create an effective alcohol beverage to share with others. Purchasing the right equipment will make a drastic difference in the way you focus on hitting the balls. StillDragon provides a large variety of distillery equipment needs to help at-home distillers create an effective system in the home to create the best alcohol.

A copper still is not the same as other stills. Taking the time to focus on creating quality is essential to enjoy your evening drink, or to create amazing spirts you can share with others. At StillDragon, we focus on quality to provide stills to our customers that are easy to use and maintain. Taste testing is the best way to determine what will work well for your needs. The quality of alcohol can be tested every four hours. This is a great way to give the people what they want as they date you. Manipulate the flavors in your alcohol to have a different taste you can easily appreciate.

Copper is one of the best metals to use to create a still. StillDragon offers a number of stills to use that provide effective brewing. It can take a lot of time and money to focus on creating the right alcoholic beverage. Always plan plenty of time to work on the creation of a quality still. Experiment with different recipes and grains to find out how they will manipulate the flavor of the beverage.

Why do you need to add distillation equipment to your home? If you enjoy the purity of your alcohol for consumable use or for medical purposes, learning how to create spirits at home will make the entire process easier. Correctly caring for your still is the best way to create a pure alcoholic beverage. The other way to care for a still is by taking the time to clean equipment. The water needs to be cleaned to prevent health issues, and to ensure the still is receiving the right amount of pressure and condensation to bring about pure alcohol.

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