Still Configurations

Variety is key in the distillation community. Available in 2", 4", 6", 8" and 12" plated columns, our still configurations are made of the highest quality material for a long lasting finish. From a 2" BabyDragon column, perfect for recipe development, to our 12" CrystalDragon, designed for high-speed runs, StillDragon Configurations cover a distiller's every need. The systems are completely modular to fit bubble caps or ProCaps, in different sizes for any capacity. Whatever your craft distillery needs, StillDragon is your top choice for still configurations to ensure your process is a success every time.

Distillation Columns

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  1. 12" ProCap CrystalDragon Call for Quote
  2. 380L Single Wall Double Dragon with Agitator and Custom Piping. Made for 7 ProCap Plates Call for Quote
  3. 6" Bubble Cap Dash Call for Quote
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