Ferrules & Flanges

Distillery ferrules and flanges are small but mighty pieces of equipment. Choose from StillDragon’s selection of stainless steel, brass, and copper distilling tri-clamp ferrules in a variety of sizes.

Tri-clamps, also known as tri-clovers, are most commonly used to join pipes, fittings, and valves for sanitary connections with clamp-end distillery ferrules and flanges. This is especially popular in the food processing, brewing, and distilling industries. Distilling tri-clamp ferrules are preferred because they make excellent, secure, and sanitary connections when installed correctly. They are also easy to clean whenever necessary, which is a big requirement necessary to remain compliant.

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Distilling Tri-Clamp Ferrules

Tri-clamp fittings are very versatile and can connect to a variety of endpoints without issue. With the right tri-clamps, you are able to minimize the time it takes to set up processing systems while still being able to complete the sanitary process. Fittings of this type make it so that different sections of various sizes can connect together, even if they have different end connections. Tri-clamp fittings are responsible for bringing two different connections together and ensuring a seamless fit that won’t allow for contamination of leaking. When you are looking to use tri-clamps for your project, you will want to choose the size based on the outer diameter of the tubes you are trying to connect. It should fit securely around the tubes without any space in between the two once it has been attached.

It can be difficult to understand the right sizing you need for your distilling tri-clamp ferrules, so please consult with distillation equipment professionals to ensure you get the right sizes. StillDragon offers a knowledgeable sales team that can give you quick and detailed information to help you choose the right distillery ferrules and flanges for your business. All tri-clamps and components are modular, making them perfect for use in your craft distillery.