From EPDM TriClamp and Sight Glass Union PTFE to Silicone Manway, Crystal Dragon, and Plate Gaskets, StillDragon’s assortment of high-quality still gaskets are available in diverse diameters to accommodate the unique needs of your commercial distilling equipment setup or buildout.

At Still Dragon, we have all the still gaskets you need to seal away any leaks and protect your commercial distilling equipment from friction.

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Gasket materials vary by the type of environment in which they are intended to be used, offering resistance against everything from extreme pressures and high temperatures to corrosive chemicals. A gasket’s function is to effectively seal away any leaks. Because gaskets occupy the space between two surfaces, they must be manufactured from a material like silicone that is pliable and can adequately fill any small gaps or irregularities. In some cases, a sealant must be applied directly to the gaskets to secure a leak-free seal. When it comes to craft distilling, gaskets also protect the moving parts of the commercial distilling equipment by not allowing them to rub together or create friction. For support on choosing the correct gasket or distilling components, contact StillDragon today for a consultation.