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Distilling Equipment: Why You Need It

Are you a craft distillery looking to craft your own spirits? Using the right equipment, you can absolutely achieve your own unique blend. This involves a two-stage process: fermentation and distillation. The fermentation phase needs yeast to metabolize sugar into alcohol, yielding alcohol such as beer or wine. Beer is actually a pre-distilled form of whiskey, and interestingly, vodka and gin can also be created from this process. Wine, on the other hand, is pre-distilled brandy. You can experiment with a variety of distilling styles to create various spirits depending on the equipment you have on hand.

The distillation process separates the alcohol from the alcoholic drink, yielding a concoction of ethanol that boils and turns to vapor once it hits 173 degrees. However, you need the right distillation equipment to correctly vaporize the alcohol.

Creating a Distilling Still

StillDragon sells a wide variety of distilling products to help you achieve this process. Our stainless steel products boost the lifespan of the still, and cut down on exposure to excessive steam. Our high-quality products are designed with a variety of alcohol making concepts in mind. We help you get started with the basics, plus we offer the necessary accessories, such as steel flasks, funnels, thermometers, and thermopaste packets.

Want to create a craft distiller still? You’ll need:

  • Fermenter: this is to mash the yeast, water and sugar for three to seven days.
  • Pot: features a metal sleeve inside where the wash comes to a boiling point.
  • Distillation Column: produces vapor as the water and alcohol rise from the pot, with the vapor moving back into the pot to result in a high alcohol content.
  • Lyne Arm: for concentrated alcohol vapors, which must be at the correct temperature setting.
  • Condenser: where the vapor starts to cool and condense into liquid ethanol.
  • Distillate: the collection vessel where the first five percent contains chemicals like acetone and esters.
  • Aging Barrels: oak barrels where the alcohol is aged.

Specialized Spirits

What do you get when you mix limited-run, small-batch distilling equipment with spirits? A distinct flavor unique to the maker. This can be tough, since there are so many wineries and distilleries around. However, StillDragon’s distilling equipment allows you to carefully select and use local ingredients to create totally original spirits. If you’re a small business looking to break out in the specialized spirit business with your own signature beer, you can easily create an authentic flavor full of its own character. With so many new craft distilleries cropping up in this country, they are seeking out distilling equipment that can accommodate a large enough quantity for their local customers.

Standing Out

Making your own alcohol allows you to compete with larger spirit producers on a local scene, giving your customers access to something new and refreshing rather than the same old name brands in the alcohol industry. Lend your special character to a market already flooded with beer, wines, gins, vodka, and whiskey. How will you make your mark? With your own equipment, you can:

  • Blend local flavors with traditional flavors, exerting complete control over the alcohol percentage.
  • Modify the flavors in different batches by including different cuts or changing the grains and botanicals.
  • Make adjustment throughout the distillation process to create the perfect blend.

Playing with various recipes will yield you the desired outcome. Try something different each time. Something as simple as opening a steam valve by a quarter turn can alter the quality of the alcohol. Soon enough, you’ll become a master distiller creating top-notch alcohol that meet your customers’ distinguished tastes.

Check out StillDragon’s huge selection of distilling equipment to find a system that will work well for your craft distillery start-up. Our skilled staff members are on hand to help you with any questions you may have.