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Distillation Equipment

You can create amazing alcohol with the right distillation equipment. There are several types of distillation apparatuses on the market. How do you choose the right one to create the best alcohol? While the pot belly still is one of the most popular on the market, there are several other options available.

As you consider the options that are available for distillation needs, determine how much alcohol you plan on creating. Is this for personal consumption or are you using it for commercial production. Understanding how much you would like to create will make it easier to select the appropriate distilling equipment.

How Distillation Equipment Works

The distillation process is required if you want to create stronger alcohol. A weak fermented mixture will have low levels of alcohol. The alcohol must be boiled for the vapors to move upwards to the top of the pot where it moves to a reflux column where it is cooled and the vapors are condensed. The vapors become strong alcohol, which helps distillers to create the right balance of alcohol in their beverages. The process must be repeated over and over until the desired strength of alcohol is reached. Depending upon the quantity of alcohol, it is important to select distilling equipment that matches the strength of alcohol.

Different Distillation Methods

There are several methods for distillation. Simple, steam, vacuum, batch, and continuous distillation are the methods used to create the right alcohol. Some stills combine different methods of distillation to create a pure alcohol. Column distillation is provided by StillDragon, offering one of the best selections for small business distillers. Pot distillation is still a popular option and it does not take up as much room as larger distillation equipment.

It is important to consider which type of alcohol you plan to distill. If you want to distill vodka, you need to ferment potatoes or rye with vodka yeast. Pot distillation is the most popular distillation method for creating vodka as you will boil mash and the vodka vapors are separated from the mash through the use of condensation.

StillDragon provides a large variety of stills to make it easy for you to find a still that will work for your alcohol needs. Many people are turning to stills to create essential oils for home use and health purposes. Browse between the various stills to select an apparatus that supports your craft distillation requirements.

Using a Pot Still

Pot stills are commonly used to create whisky or brandy. The heat is applied to the pot where the wash or wine is stored. Pot distillation is normally called batch distillation since you have a large pot for distilling spirts. After using the pot still to create alcohol, there are secondary processes that must be followed to bring about the right color and taste. Low wines product colorless alcohol, and are collected by about 70% alcohol by volume. The color in most alcohols will be added through maturation in an oak barrel.

Reflux Distillation

Large scale distillation will require reflux distillation, but there are smaller versions available for smaller sized distillers. Controlling the temperature of the condensers outlet product (known as a reflux still) will increase the boiling point of the components. If your goal is to produce high-quality alcoholic beverages, reflux distillation is the best option on the market.

Batch and Continuous Distillation

The use of a still configuration will improve the quality of the alcohol. A fractionating column on the top of the distillation flask greatly improves the alcohol as there is a larger surface area for the vapor to be created. Some distillation equipment will include small subsystems inside, which contain boiling liquid mixtures in separate dishes.

Steam distillation is a method to create compounds that are sensitive to heat. The temperature of the steam will allow for a high rate of heat transfer without a high heat transfer thanks to the steam control valve. Some of the target compound will begin to vaporize, and the vapor will be cooled and condensed. This vapor normally has a layer of water and oil, making steam distillation a popular option for individuals creating their own essential oils.

Simple Distillation

Using a simple distillation method, ethyl alcohol will boil at a lower temperature from water. This requires the still to be made from copper as it needs to correctly remove the sulfur in the alcohol that can have a poor taste. Stills made with stainless steel and copper piping and plates are some of the best in the market to remove waste products to create a pure, clean alcohol. The alcohol industry was amount the first to use copper stills and modern piping to create alcohol, since this time it has become a large part of the chemical industry.

Using the simple distillation process it is easy to create gin as a fresher product when you have reduced pressures. The process requires a triple distilled grain alcohol after which various botanical flavors are added. The pot still is among one of the top options for creating purified alcohol as it incorporates only one condensation. Other stills will have multiple stages, which bring about higher purification of alcohol. Pot distillation doesn’t have a complete separation, but it works well to create certain spirits.

If you are demanding a purer distillate, a reflux still is a popular option. The reflux still incorporates a fractioning column by filling copper vessels and glass beads to have a larger surface area. The alcohol will need to boil and condense and boil once again through the column. Vodka and gin are amount the popular alcohol created with a reflux still. Compare the different distillation equipment to find the right one to create your pure alcohol.